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Experience the sea

With temperatures ranging between 17ºC and 22ºC and crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira is a sea lover's paradise.

The sea is experienced in a very special and dedicated way in Machico. It is this unique relationship that part of the local economy is based on as well as the Machican way of life.

The sea is part of many people’s hobbies and pastimes. Spent with family, friends, or simply alone, the sea offers a variety of activities and experiences. This connection to the sea attracts people from all parts, looking to experience the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean.

The sea is an important aspect of day to day life, and as such, Machico benefits from a full range of infrastructure and equipment that allow visitors and local businesses alike to explore the sea and all its facets.

In Machico… LIVE THE SEA!

Come, see and experience some of the activities we have for you.

Bay of Machico

There are various nautical activities you can experience in the bay of Machico.
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A family friendly activity

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The perfect dive!

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Associação Náutica de Machico

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Wind Surf

Explore the East coast

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Sea Kayaking

Family fun

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Sand & stone, side by side...

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Ports and marinas

The municipality of Machico possesses two marinas with the capacity to receive 300 vessels. Thus, having one of the highest capacities on the Island.

Porto de Recreio de Machico and Quinta do Lorde Marina possess various nautical services that will definitely take your interest.

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Marina da Quinta do Lorde

Located in the south-east of the Island, Quinta do Lorde Marina is part of the Quinta do Lorde Resort. The resort is situated about 4 kilometres from the centre of Caniçal and 10 from the city of Machico.

The Quinta do Lorde marina has 264 berths and the capacity to receive vessels between 6 and 25 metres in length as well as Mega Yachts up to 45 metres long.

There are several services provided at Quinta do Lorde Marina, namely:

  • Fuel supply
  • Water and energy supply at every pontoon
  • Supply of various support material (cables, fenders, gas bottles, etc.)
  • Wastewater Collection with Pump-Out
  • Toilets and changing rooms
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Wireless Internet

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Port of Machico

The Port of Machico located in Machico bay is managed by the Municipality of Machico (CMM).

The port can recieve small to medium-sized vessels and has a twelve tonne limit. Berths can be applied for by submitting an application form to CMM and needs prior approval from the municipality.

The port is an integral part of the urban surroundings of the beautiful city of Machico, with support services in the vicinity, as well as a privileged landscape and a promenade that connects to the city centre in just over 5 minutes.



Boat trips

Explore the East coast of Madeira and experience the sea on this side of the Atlantic.

The beauty of nature reserves, the magnificence of the South-Eastern coast and the possibility of observing some of the most emblematic marine species, such as whales, dolphins, turtles and even rare monk seals, are all good reasons not to miss out on a boat trip.

Machico has some of the best equipment and access to the sea in Madeira.

Big Game Fishing

Big Game Fishing is a type of recreational fishing that targets large fish such as swordfish and tuna, appreciated for their sporting qualities.

Machico is considered the Tuna capital of the Island and meets the right conditions for Big Game Fishing, leaving any fisherman satisfied.

Look up Big Game Fishing companies in the Business Directory.


Bodyboarding is an engaging activity for people of all ages. If you want to compete with your friends, spend a fun day with your family or just want nice and relaxing day away from everyday life, bodyboarding is an excellent choice to spend your free time.

Bodyboarding Machico….Discover it too!


Madeira is home to João Rodrigues, the athlete with the most Olympic appearances in Windsurfing and international reference who relishes in the excellent natural conditions of the Island.

The East Coast is one of the most frequented by windsurfing aficionados. The bay of Machico and the Água de Pena sports complex are two great places of choice.


The most recent adventure activity on the Island, Coasteering is a sport that combines swimming, diving, climbing and jumping, into a unique experience. The municipality of Machico is the best place to practice this activity, especially at Ponta de São Lourenço with its crystalline water, hidden bays, rugged coastline and mysterious caves.


Surf plays a prominent role in Machico. The sport is lived passionately by the local population, Machico has three surfing hotspots between the parishes of Porto da Cruz and Machico.

Porto da Cruz is the ideal place to learn the sport. Meet our instructors, our beaches and find the perfect time to break your routine, or maybe even discover a new passion!

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