Vereda do Pico Castanho


Machico - Machico








9.1 Km


3h30min - 4h

Max./Min. Altitude

631m / 232m


Irregular / Steep

About the walk…
This walk follows the rugged track towards Pico Castanho. The beautiful albeit demanding hike offers amazing views over Machico and Caniçal throughout, ending at the top of Pico Castanho at 589 metres altitude.

From Pico Castanho's highest point you can observe the parishes of Machico and Caniçal in a unique way.

The starting point is next to the picturesque "Casa dos Levadeiros" at Levada dos Maroços, located near the road to Pico do Facho, just right of the old tunnel towards Caniçal.

In the first moments of the walk, you will come across a small intersection where you should turn right to start the climb to Pico Castanho, leaving the Levada behind. The trail that follows is very natural, marked by the footsteps of men who used the path to get to their farmland.

The climb offers superb views over the valley and the majestic eastern mountainous massif located to the west. You will pass a few cultivated plot of land, adding a humanised element to the landscape. However, due to the socioeconomic factors of the present day, most of the farmland has been abandoned as local farmers look for a better living elsewhere.

The trail takes on more natural contours as native vegetation starts to appear, namely Wax Myrtles and Willow-leaved Globe Flower.

Pico Castanho is also an important geosite that deserves to be explored, with large rock formations that blend into the rest of the natural landscape.

As you get to the peak, that stands at 589 metres tall, the exotic Eucalyptus forest dominates the surrounding landscape with the sweet aroma filling the air.

You will also find a triangulation pillar at the summit, used in land surveying and can be found all over the Island.

Head back the same way to return to your starting point or via Vereda da Boca do Risco - Caniçal, appreciating the impressive views of the East coast as you go.

Remember, hiking involves specific risks associated with natural events, that the Municipality cannot be held responsible for. Refer to the Hiker's guide developed by VisitMachico® that will alert you to the safety rules and provide you with information about walking in Machico.
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Vereda do Pico Castanho


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Vereda do Pico Castanho


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Vereda do Pico Castanho


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