VisitMachico® provides you with useful information that may be helpful when preparing for your trip to Madeira, as well as planning your activities in Machico.

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Mean temperatures

Due to it's orography, Madeira is blessed with a varied and diverse climate.

Madeira's annual mean temperatures vary between 18ºC at sea level and 15ºC to 18ºC up to 200 metres altitude.

Month / Temperature
August 23ºC a 25ºC
Feburary 15ºC a 17ºC

Temperatures start to drop as you ascend in altitude, with annual mean temperatures of 9ºc in the higher regions.

Average water temperature
Annual 17ºC a 22ºC

Health and safety

If you need medical assistance, visit the local Health Centre (Centro de Saúde) which also has an emergency service.

Citizens from the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland have access to health care in the presentation of proper identification and a European Health Insurance Card.

Health centres

  • Machico

    (+351) 291 969 130

  • Caniçal

    (+351) 291 961 701/90

  • Porto da Cruz

    (+351) 291 562 203

  • Santo António da Serra

    (+351) 291 550 050/1/2/3


  • Emergency


  • Machico Emergency Service

    (+351) 291 969 130

  • Machico Fire brigade

    (+351) 291 965 183

  • Civil Protection

    (+351) 291 700 112/5

Clinic / Pharmacy

Calcule a sua rota

O percurso previamente traçado corresponde à distância entre o aeroporto e o centro de Machico.

Travel time and distance

The previously defined route corresponds to the distance between the airport and the centre of Machico.

Calculez votre itinéraire

L'itinéraire précédemment défini correspond à la distance entre l'aéroport et le centre de Machico.

Route berechnen

Die voreingestellte Route entspricht der Entfernung zwischen dem Flughafen und dem Zentrum Machicos.

Tempo de viagem e distância

Utilize a ferramenta abaixo para encontrar o caminho dos locais que pretende visitar, estimando o tempo de viagem e a distância a percorrer entre o local de partida e chegada.

O percurso previamente traçado corresponde à distância entre o aeroporto e o centro de Machico.

Para calcular como chegar até ao destino que pretende visitar, basta inserir a morada do local para onde pretende se deslocar e clicar e “calcular rota”. Por definição, o ponto de chegada encontra-se fixado no centro de Machico.


Portugal has been part of the European Union since 1985. The euro is the official currency.


There are various euro coins and banknote denominations:

Coins Notes

Currency Exchange

You can exchange your local currency at any bank, on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., as well as at exchange offices and some ATMs.

Credit Cards

The most common credit cards in Portugal are Visa; American Express; Maestro; Mastercard and JCB eDiners Club. To report a lost or stolen card, contact the Visa and Mastercard customer service line.

  • Visa: 800 811 107
  • Mastercard: 800 811 272


A receipt received from a purchase presents the value to be paid and includes the final price of the product/service as well as VAT.

The prices displayed on menus, at the supermarket or in shops are final. In the case of quotes, price and tax are presented separately.

Tips are not obligatory in Madeira however, it is traditional in some services to leave a gratuity.

Living cost


  • Coffee

    €0.60 – €0.75

  • Beer

    €0.90 – €1.50

  • Tuna steak

    €8.50 – €12.00

  • Scabbard Fillet

    €7.50 – €10.00

Travel / Stay

  • Fuel

    Diesel: €1.22
    Petrol: €1.47

  • Public transport between cities

    €2.60 - €3.35

  • 3 star accommodation

    €35 - €45

  • 5 star accommodation

    €85 - €115

Internet, communication and electricity


The municipality of Machico has several public areas with free internet access (WIFI).

Most cafés and restaurants have free internet (wifi) available for their customers, you only need to ask for the password.

Country code

All Portuguese telephone numbers nine digits. To call from abroad, first, enter the country code 00 351 (+351).

Since your mobile phone operator is associated with your country of origin, it is also necessary to enter the country code when using your device.

Mobile Phones

There are four mobile networks operating in Madeira. These networks maintain roaming coverage agreements with most international companies.

  • MEO (96xxxxxxx / 92xxxxxxx)
  • NOS (93xxxxxxx / 92xxxxxxx)
  • Vodafone (91xxxxxxx / 92xxxxxxx)

If you plan on staying for an extended period, you can purchase a SIM card. Consult the business directory to look up specialised agents.


The electric current in Portugal is 230/400 volts, at the frequency of 50 hertz and the outlets follow the European standards.

The use of another standard must be coupled with a 230-volt transformer and an adapter plug.

If you need to purchase adapters for your devices, you can search the business directory and find a specialised agent.