Madeira Island

Plan your trip in a timely manner.
VisitMachico provides you with tips and suggestions and offers a virtual help desk to aid you in a wide range of issues. Learn how to win a Machico guidebook and discount coupons at participating services.


I-tourism is an interface that allows you to obtain privileged information about the Municipality, interact with support services, ask questions, receive newsletters, purchase VistMachico® products, and download files among others.

Travel Information

VisitMachico® aims to create a dynamic tourist information website capable of helping visitors find the activities that exist in the municipality of Machico as well as the points of interest, in as easy manner.

In addition to the information listed on the Website, VisitMachico® has created several channels that help visitors clear any doubts or queries that arise during holiday planning, whether it be in their country of origin or in Machico - Madeira Island.

Business Directory

The Business Directory is a list of services created to support visitors, local companies as well as projects of municipal interest.

The directory aims to support and advertise local companies in the domestic market as well as to all those who visit Madeira and Machico annualy.

The VisitMachico® Business directory does not discriminate services and areas of operation and is, therefore, a directory for all companies within the municipality.